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Kuroshitsuji Fanworks Circus: Ring 1

As you approach the crowd of people gathered outside the dusty tents, your heart pounds in anticipation. You need to infiltrate this circus in order to do your duty for the queen. But will they accept an outsider into their ranks? The laughter and conversation die down as you draw nearer, but you hold your head up high, refusing to be intimidated by the weight of their gazes.

The one they call Joker separates himself from the crowd, looking you up and down with a critical eye. "So 'ee must be the one who wants to join the circus," he says dubiously.

but I guess we'll give an entry test

Your task is to choose one of the following three images, and use it as inspiration for a fanwork. Feel free to interpret these images however you'd like. When you post your fanwork, please mention or link to the image you used as inspiration.

Image 1 Image 2 Image 3
a gold pocketwatch atop a page of old-fashioned writing leather bullwhips that bear a striking resemblance to snakes a London streetlamp along the Jack the Ripper tour

Remember, for this challenge, a fanwork can be:
★ Fic (between 500 and 10,000 words)
★ Fanart (a complete piece, more than a sketch or preview)
★ Fanvids (over 30 seconds long)
★ Podfic (over 5 minutes long, with the permission of the author)
★ Icons (a batch of at least 5 icons with a unifying theme)
★ Fanmixes (a minimum of 5 songs + a cover)

Fic entries do not need to be beta'd, but they should be relatively free of grammar and spelling mistakes.

You can submit your entry in one of three ways:
★ Post your entry (or a link to it) in [community profile] blackbutler or [livejournal.com profile] phantomhive. Make sure you mention the challenge somewhere in your entry.
★ Post to the Kuroshitsuji Fanworks Circus collection on AO3 (the collection will open along with the first ring on July 27)
★ Post a link to your work as a comment here, or at Tumblr through the ask box at http://fanworks-circus.tumblr.com/

For more information about this challenge, see the FAQ

The first ring closes on Friday, August 8, at 11PM PST. Good luck! Ring 1 is now closed.