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Fanworks Circus: Ring 1 Winners + Announcement

Congratulations to the brave challengers who have successfully completed the first ring of the Fanworks Circus! Here are their entries, in order of submission:

This beauty by my side by [personal profile] scheherezhad
Pairing: None
Rating: General Audiences
Content Notes: None
Length: 792 words
Gerald is exhausted and only half done with his work shift, and That Woman has come in to his pub again.

Centuries and Seconds by [personal profile] piscaria
Pairing: None
Rating: General Audiences
Content Notes: None
Length: 1,418 words
Time meant little to a demon.

Advantage by [archiveofourown.org profile] Aeriel
Pairing: None
Rating: Teen and Up
Content Notes: Canon-typical violence
Length: 2,089
In pursuit of some criminals, Ciel lets his pride get the better of him.

These three creators are eligible to move on to Ring 2!

Now for an announcement!
As the spirit of this challenge was to encourage the creation of more fanworks in the Kuroshitsuji fandom, it feels counterproductive to limit participation in the next two rings to only three people. Therefore, I have decided to amend the rules slightly. While it is still mandatory to complete the first ring before entering the second, participants will now be allowed to submit amnesty entries for previous rings. In other words, even if you did not complete Ring 1 before the deadline, you are still eligible to enter Ring 2 -- as long as you complete an entry for Ring 1 first. Similarly, if you miss the Ring 1 and 2 deadlines but still want to enter Ring 3, you can quickly complete entries for the first two challenges in order to have your Ring 3 entry count. Does that make sense?

However, you will still need to complete each ring by its deadline in order to earn a personalized banner like the ones below:

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