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Ring 2 Winners

Congratulations to the brave challengers who have successfully completed the second ring of the Fanworks Circus! Here are their entries, in order of submission:

You always hear the stories, you wonder if it's real by [personal profile] scheherezhad
Pairing: Will/Grelle
Rating: Teen and Up
Content Notes: Major Character Death
Length: 1,059 words
They should go back in time so that they would never have set foot on this property. They should go back so that he could do everything differently..

What's Left Behind by [personal profile] eevilalice
Pairing: None
Rating: General Audiences
Content Notes: Author chooses not to warn
Length: 674 words
After the young master's body is found, Snake finds something else: a scattering of black feathers.

The Thing With Feathers by [personal profile] piscaria
Pairing: Implied Sebastian/Ciel
Rating: Mature
Content Notes: Canon-typical violence, underage masturbation, vague spoilers for chapters 93-95 of the manga.
Length: 744 words
In which Ciel finds something of Sebastian's.

These three creators are eligible to move on to Ring 3! In honor of their accomplishments, they also have these nifty banners:

Ring 3 opens tomorrow!

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