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piscaria ([personal profile] piscaria) wrote in [community profile] blackbutler2014-09-05 06:02 pm

Extension! Kuroshitsuji Fanworks Circus

A family emergency is sending your ringmaster out of town for the weekend. Since we haven't had any entries for Ring 3 yet, I am going to go ahead and extend the challenge by a week. Entries will now be due Friday, Sept. 12 at 11PM PST.

In order to complete the challenge, you must complete a fanwork for Ring 1, Ring 2, and Ring 3, in that order! Each ring's post lists the rules for that challenge.

For the purpose of this challenge, a fanwork can be:
★ Fic (between 500 and 10,000 words)
★ Fanart (a complete piece, more than a sketch or preview)
★ Fanvids (over 30 seconds long)
★ Podfic (over 5 minutes long, with the permission of the author)
★ Icons (a batch of at least 5 icons with a unifying theme)
★ Fanmixes (a minimum of 5 songs + a cover)

I hope the extension means a few more people can join in! Good luck!

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